Monday, January 3, 2011

WORST of 2010 Podcast

It's finally here! Thanks to everyone that tuned in to the live broadcast for nearly 3 hours of hate jazz as The Gaffer and I ripped through our worst films of 2010. We each divided up the years horrid offerings and came up with our 10 worst. We tried not to overlap too much, that way we could properly cover the veritable truckloads of garbage dumped on movie goers this year. From horrible covers of songs about drugs for children to wolves sing/howling to jokes that just won't die...we covered all sorts of visual horrors. We even had a 24 hour pre-game bender of catching up on all the crap we've missed (or avoided rather) so we'd be credible when we launched our hate missiles.

I'll follow up with a more in depth text based post soon....but in the meantime, get you some of that podcast!