Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Special 2011

Ho Ho Howdy folks!
The Gaffer and I love to bring you some of our favorite holiday traditions and memories each year in a two hour special filled with laughs, joy and rage. This year is no different as we discussed favorite films, things we remember as kids, and things that piss us off royal at Christmas. We also prepped you guys for a very successful Holiday edition of Tavern Trivia that took place the other day. We hope that you guys have a wonderful holiday, and we'll see you soon with a full report of the worst movies of 2011!

We heard music from the following films:
Home Alone - John Williams (1990)
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Various (1989)
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Perry Botkin (1984)
Lethal Weapon - Micheal Kamen (1987)
Ernest Saves Christmas - Mark Snow (1988)
Seasame Street - All I Want for Christmas


Monday, December 5, 2011

Episode 11 - 28 - 11

 A bevy of reviews this week! We had our hands full talking about new releases, as well as paying tribute to the late, occasionally great Ken Russell, who passed away early this week after a varied career. We managed to trot out some of the scores to a few of his films, then got down to the business of reviewing Take Shelter, Hugo, The Muppets, and, mournfully, Twilight Colon Breaking Dawn Hyphen Part One Ellipsis the last of which caused the Boom Operator to have a pretty amusing meltdown, for obvious reasons. The worst part about all this Twilight horseshit is that it ISN'T OVER. We still have to endure another year of billion-dollar-earning mediocrity before the chalking off this turgid franchise and moving on. Other than that, the films we saw last week were pretty good. We're both happy to see the Muppets back in action. There's just something about those tactile puppeteering effects that trump CG every time, but that's a rant we've trotted out far too often.

Altered States - John Corigliano (1980)
Women in Love - Georges Delerue (1969)
Gothic - Thomas Dolby (1986)
The Lost Boys - Various (1987)
The Muppets - Various (2011)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Episode 11 - 14 - 11

Talk of the Hunger Games trailer lead us (somehow) to a space-themed show for this episode, along with discussions of the dystopian gladiator genre ala Battle Royale, Rollerball, Running Man, et al. I've read the Suzanne Collins novels, which have been one of the bigger Young Adult novel crazes of the last couple years, and they're meh-grade, breezy beach novels. But as I've said before, moderate novels often make good cinematic adaptations, so this/these film(s) might be something worth considering. The rest of the show was largely spent heckling the Boom Operator for my making him watch the cinematic trollathon that was Human Centipede II. My, but this film was a gem to behold, the filmic equivalent of "2 Girls 1 Cup" in its existential pointlessness and snickering repugnance. The Boom Operator stomped around and ranted for the entire duration of the film, which included inky blasts of diarrhea, a centipede suppository, and a fetal curb-stomp, among other things. I happen to be one of the few people who thinks that Dutch pervert (is that redundant?) Tom Six is actually a mordant comedian who is absolutely in on this filthy joke, and having a lot of fun telling it. And lest you were wondering, Human Centipede III is in pre-production...

Event Horizon - Micheal Kamen & Orbital
Solaris - Sound clip from new, Edward Artemiev old
Battle Royale - Various 2000
Running Man - Harold Faltermeyer
Sunshine - John Murphy


Episode 11 - 21 - 11

Wow, what a Monday this was. Thank the great demon lord this is a short holiday week because the Boom Operator had an audible meltdown due to crankiness-induced aphasia, but other than that we dolled out practiced cynicism with due alacrity, taking down Lars Von Trier's teenager-in-a-black-turtleneck film Melancholia, a decent flick with a decent concept housed in a whingey lugubriosity befitting a high school freshman who just went off his lithium. It was a frustrating film that obviously cribbed from Tarkovsky's Solaris and The Sacrifice, influences I'm impressed that Von Trier has. Personally, I blame Twilight for the overall feeling of gloom pervading our persons and, indeed, the entire nation-state. Thanksgiving break can't come soon enough for us. We gabbed about muppets and upcoming DVD releases including, I shit you not, a movie called Antfarm Dickhole, which is about, um, well, what it advertises. Again, I blame Twilight. - The Gaffer

Berserk - Susumu Hirasawa (1997)
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey - David Newman (1991)
Black Belt Jones - Luchi DeJesus (1974)
21 Grams - Gustavo Santaolalla (2003)
Broken Flowers - Mulu Astatke (2005)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 11 - 7 - 11

The Boom Operator and I must have been hopped up on goofballs for this podcast, because things got weird. We were fresh from our Halloween break and had a bevy of reviews to catch up on. We caught Real Steel, that Hugh Jackman movie that looked like a hybrid of Over the Top and Robot Jox. I can get behind throwaway entertainment when it involves robot punches, but that smug little kid ruined the movie for me. I spent the last hour of the movie wanting the robots to beat that little bastard into liquid with their giant robot fists. We went on to consider the reasonably spooky Paranormal Activity 3, and then the Boom Operator went solo on In Time and Tower Heist. The lackluster film season doesn't look to be stopping soon, so check out future podcasts for ample vitriol.

Die Hard - Michael Kamen (1988)
Escape from NY - John Carpenter (1981)
Ferris Bueller's Day off - Various (1986)
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure - "In Time" (1989)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Special 2011

(Sorry this is late, we swore we posted this right after airing it, but I'm an idiot and forgot to click "post")

Here it is: the Halloween special that our entire radio year pinnacles toward. We had a surprising lack of guests on the show, with the exception of perennial ghoul Grim Gravesly, who shambled in and chided myself and the Boom Operator for our awful puns (my personal favorite was Die-agra). But, for the most part we focused our 3-hour special on the music, stopping only to discuss some horror movie tropes, like how arbitrary and random it is to kill Boogeymen like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger when their survival is inevitable. We also discussed horror genre trends, how we moved from psychological, heterodoxy-driven films to slashers, and the newer trend of voyeuristic "torture-porn". Halloween Tavern Trivia falls this Wednesday, and you don't want to miss that. Trust me.

Ed Wood - Howard Shore (1994)
Candyman - Phillip Glass (1992)
Bone Eater - Chuck Cirino (2007)
Tenebre - Goblin (1982)
The Frighteners - Danny Elfman (1996)
Friday the 13th - Harry Manfredini (1980)
Ghostbusters 2 - Various (1989)
Scanners - Howard Shore (1981)
Return of the Living Dead - Various (1985)
The Horror Of Dracula - James Bernard (1958)
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires - James Bernard (1974)
Transylvania Twist - Chuck Cirino (1989)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Episode 10 - 17 - 11

This is the last episode before our Halloween special; can you feel the Eldritch particles in the very air we breathe?? I thought so. In this podcast we discussed the "occupy" movement and would-be populist Michael Moore's attempts to capitalize on it. I did a quick review of George Clooney's The Ides of March to cap off this political diversion: meh. Then we delved back into ghosts and ghoulies: the new Hellraiser film is out, straight-to-DVD, and the first not to star Doug Bradley as Pinhead. This is obviously a lamentable attempt to keep the copyright for a still-planned remake; I'm sure it's terrible. The Boom Operator and I watched John Carpenter's gut-churning classic The Thing in preparation for the new prequel/remake (premake?). We expected to be disappointed by the CGI and the basic premise (to ruin some of the ambiguity of the first film) and we were, but not quite to the extent that we hated it.

We heard music from the following films:
Alien Resurrection - John Frizzel (1997)
Predator - Alan Silvestri (1987)
The Day the Earth Stood Still - Bernard Herrman (1951)
The Thing - John Carpenter / Ennio Morricone (1982)
The Thing - Marco Beltrami (2011)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 10 - 10 - 11

Can you feel the ambient horror permeating the sepulchral October air? The Boom Operator and I certainly can: podcasts, parties, and Tavern Trivia are all being primed for the following weeks, and all are going to be immersed in the spooky spirit of the times. We tried to slowly seep into the October horror mien with music from John Carpenter who, his flaws notwithstanding, composes his own eery, electro-minimalist scores. Later I ended up going on a tangent about Jesusween. Goddamn Jesusween is a thing, y'all! Apparently some Christians, who I guess regard Halloween as occultish, Satanic, or otherwise totally awesome, are starting this Halloween alternative where healthy treats and Bibles are handed out instead of candy. I guess they need more reasons for people to laugh at them. Anyway, my favorite part of this show was playing music from the old LucasArts game Grim Fandango, which we both love. Our time-honored Halloween Special will air October 24th, Tavern Trivia is October 12th, and Beat Bachs' Halloween Dance Party is October 28th. This is an exciting time to be alive.

We heard music from the following:
28 Days Later - John Murphy (2002)
Big Trouble in Little China - John Carpenter (1986)
Corpse Bride - Danny Elfman (2005)
Grim Fandango - Peter McConnel (1998)
Magic - Jerry Goldsmith (1978)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Episode 10 - 3 -11

October has arrived. The month of creepy-crawlies, ghoulies, and gewgaws. Soon, pumpkins will line the streets and high fructose candies will line our stomachs. Needless to say, this is the Boom Operator and I's favorite time of year, and we started off right with a review of campy horror-comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Our verdict: good, harmless fun. We also disappeared briefly into our faux-intellectual asses to discuss the rise of internet "review culture" and the popularity of sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, who offer aggregate critic scores and can distinctly impact whether the casual viewer will view/validate a film. I'm a big fan of Metacritic; they often expose me to great limited-release films, but there are drawbacks to only seeking out the "best".

Stay tuned for next week's show, particularly if you're interested in the upcoming Tavern Trivia.

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This week we heard music from:
Judge Dredd - Alan Silvestri (1995)
Howard Shore - Spider (2002)
What Dreams May Come - Micheal Kamen (1995)
To live and Die in LA - Wang Chung (1985)
Swamp Thing- Harry Manfredini (1982)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Episode 9 - 26 - 11

So, we've been following the set-reveals and discussion surrounding Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Yesterday we got a sneak peek at Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume...and it pretty much looks exactly like 1960s love-kitten Julie Newmar. What the hell? Given that Nolan has been trying to make his Batman films as "realistic" and gritty as possible, I have no idea how they are going to play this. We'll see. Neither the Boom Operator or I caught any new movies this week, as the prominent releases starred Taylor Lautner and an animated lion from 1994, but I'd like to see Moneyball this week at some point.

We heard music from the following:
Bachelor Party - Various (1985)
Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus - Jeff Dana (2009)
Mission to Mars - Ennio Morricone (2000)
The Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer (2008)
The Fifth Element - Eric Serra (1997)
Time Bandits - Audio Clip (1981)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Episode 9 - 5 - 11

This week we had a show all about creepy little tiny things. Mainly because we just saw Don't be Afraid of the Dark. Yeah, yeah, a bit late on the draw we know. However, we gave it a watchin' and the review is in this podcast. We also reviewed Apollo 18 and discussed all manners of tiny little jerks that seem cute until the stab your eyes out.

We heard music from the following films:

Trilogy of Terror - Bob Cobert (1975)
Fantastic Planet - Alan Goreguer (1973)
Garbage Pail Kids - Various (1987)
Gremlins - Jerry Goldsmith (1985)
Arthur and the Invisibles - Eric Serra (2006)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode 8 - 29 - 11

This week we had a great time in the studio getting ready for our first Tavern Trivia night at a local watering hole. We also reviewed the films Our Idiot Brother and 30 Minutes or Less. One was surprisingly better than the other. You'll have to listen to find out which. We discussed odd remakes, retiring director rumors and brought back some classic scores from the vaults for all our recent new listeners. Enjoy!

We heard music from the following:
Oldboy - Hyun-jung Shim (2003)
Oceans Twelve - David Holmes (2004)
Peter Gun - Henry Mancini (1958)
Spaceballs - John Morris (1987)
Beverly Hills Cop - Harold Faltermeyer (1984)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Episode 8 - 22 - 11

Boy did we have a lot of ground to cover this week! Reviewing three films in one show as well as touching on a weeks worth of goings on in the world of film. Over the weekend we watched the new Tribe Called Quest documentary as well as the new Conan and Fright Night movies. You'll have to listen to find out which we thought was pretty good and which we thought was a stale turd. We also had a great discussion about what makes things "nostalgic" and the future for nostalgia in the digital age. This is surely a podcast not to be missed!

We heard music from the following films:
Ghostbusters 2 - Bobby Brown and New Edition (1989)
Beats Rhymes & Life - The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest - (2011)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - John Williams (2002)
Lost in Translation - Various (2003)
Lost in Space (TV) - John Williams & others (1965)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 8 - 15 - 11

This week's podcast was all about back to school, having weird days, and addressing remakes. We discussed the new Fright Night and Conan remakes, listend to music from the originals, and gave you more info about our upcoming trivia night! This is a great episode. Enjoy! (Last weeks episode had a problem with the recording, we are hoping to fix this issue, but it may be lost, sorry)

Amelie - Yann Tiersen (2001)
Field of Dreams - James Horner (1989)
Heathers - David Newman (1988)
Fright Night - Brad Fiedel (1985)
Conan the Barbarian - Basil Poledouris (1982)
Ferris Bueller - Various (1985)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Episode 8 - 1 - 2011

Boy did we have fun in the studio this week! So much to talk about! We reviewed Cowboys and Aliens as well as Friends With Benefits. We discussed global politics and gave you tips on how to become a millionaire in 8 weeks! You best download this one.

We played music from the following films:

Naked Gun 2 1/2 - Ira Newborn (1991)
The Hunt For Red October - Basil Poledouris (1990)
The Golden Child - Micheal Colombier (1986)
The Talented Mr. Ripley - Gabriel Yared (1999)
Planet of the Apes (TV) - Lalo Schiffrin
Cowboys & Aliens - Harry Gregson - Williams (2011)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Episode 7 - 25 - 2011

Tonight's show was all about patriotic badassery. Granted, neither of us get off waiving flags around and calling crap in our caps macaroni, but we were definitely enjoying playing music from a bunch of films about secret military ops, one man armies, and other general elite squad goings on. All of this of course led up to our review of the new Captain America: The First Avenger film.

Rambo 2 - Jerry Goldsmith (1985)
Operation Crossbow - Ron Goodwin (1965)
Philadelphia Experiment - Ken Wannberg (1984)
Rex Steele Nazi Smasher - Ryan Shore (2004)
Commando - James Horner (1985)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Episode 7 - 18 - 2011

We apologize for this podcast being such a large download this week...but it was the only way to contain all the awesome that ensued. We discussed all manners of ridiculous movie news including but not limited to: Rupert Murdoch's crazy ass, The Dark Tower crumbling, the Evil Dead Remake, Harry Potter breaking every record you can think of, and fond memories of watching our first sex scenes on screen. This podcast is completely worth the download...if you don't think so, then you're dead to me.
We heard music from:

King Solomon's Mines - Jerry Goldsmith (1985)
The Evil Dead - Joseph LoDuca (1981)
The Touch - Basil Poledouris (2002)
The Last Unicorn - America (1982)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Various - (1971)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode 7 - 11 - 2011

In this weeks' podcast we had sooo much to discuss. Catching up from our week off for the 4th of July holiday, we reviewed Transformers 3, Horrible Bosses, and Jane Eyre. A ridiculous box office for the previous weekend led us into another disappointment in what people spend money on...however we suspect everyone will be shaking their wands in glee this weekend as Harry Potter will probably make all of our monies disappear.

5 Dolls for an August Moon - Piero Umiliani (1970)
Fantastic Voyage - Leonard Rosenman (1966)
Simpsons: The Movie - Hans Zimmer (2007)
Tristram Shandy - M. Nyman (2005)
My Stepmother is an Alien - Alan Silvestri (1988)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Alexandre Desplat (2010)


Episode 6 - 27 - 11

We got pulled over by the fuzz just before the show which put a slight chip on our shoulder and had lots of fun banter about leeches, Chinese history and the films City of Life and Death and Cars 2.

Back to the Future - Alan Silvestri
Heat - Various (1995)
Crocodile Dundee - Peter Best (1986)
American Werewolf In London - Meco (1981)
Splatter Beach - Jon McBride (2007)
Tree of Life - Alexandre Desplat (2011)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Episode 6 - 20 - 2011

In our last week of playing podcast post catch up, we bring you the episode from 6 - 20. In this episode the Gaffer and I had a fun time screaming about the people outside doing the cha cha slide at some horribly lame event. Seriously. If you're a listener out there and want to hear Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide back to've obviously not learned anything by exposure to us and need to download more podcasts and get your head straight. We also talked about movies. We ripped Dylan Dog: Dead of Night a new one...though I really wanted to enjoy this movie. No dice.

We heard music from the following films:

Rudy - Jerry Goldsmith (1993)
Dreamscape - Maurice Jarre (1984)
Caddyshack - Various (1980)
Danny The Dog - Massive Attack (2005)
The Howling - Pino Donaggio (1981)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 6 - 13 - 11

Another week old podcast coming at ya! We'll be caught up with the posting before this weeks end rest assured. Maybe you should start tuning in live? The show's a lot more fun that way, and you can call us on air to boot. We discussed Super 8 in this episode as well as fun childhood memories. It's totally worth the download. Get it soon, cause a new episode will be online soon.

We heard music from the following films:

Los Amigos - Danielle Patucchi (1972)
Arthur and the Invisibles - Eric Serra - (2006)
Cowboy Bebop - The Seatbelts (1998)
Gypsy Magic - Vlatko Stefanovski - (1997)
Explorers - Jerry Goldsmith (1986)
Flight of the Navigator - Alan Sylvestri (1986)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Episode 6 - 6 - 11

Has this week been insane or what?! If you've been listning live, you haven't missed much (other than the day we took off for Memorial Day) but for you podcasters, we've been a little late getting things up and running. Sorry about that! It's been a flurry a month, I've started a new day job recently and The Gaffer still doesn't want to fiddle with uploading and blogging. In this podcast we talk about X-Men: First Class & Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Tucker and the Man and His Dream - Joe Jackson (1988)
Midnight Express - Giorgio Morodoer (1978)
Godzilla (Various Films)
Planet of the Apes - Jerry Goldsmith (1968)
Sleuth - Patrick Doyle (2007)
Legenend - Tangerine Dream (1985)
Miami Vice - Jan Hammer (1984)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Episode 5 - 16 - 11

This we welcomed Priest with less than holy praise and played some music that made us think of Karl Urban's worst roles, remakes of horror movies and movies that call generic monsters "vampires", and discussed our latest plan for local take over. What's wrong with movies these days? Tune in and find out. We heard music from the following:

Risky Business - Tangerine Dream (1983)
Fright Night - Brad Fiedel (1985)
Doom - Clint Mansell (2005)
Judge Dredd - Alan Silvestri (1995)
The Omega Man - Ron Grainer (1971)
Interview with a Vampire - Elliot Goldenthal (1994)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Episode 5 - 9 - 11

This show should not be missed. The Gaffer and I had a bit of role reversal this week. We generally tend to agree on many things, and he tends to be the more crotchety of the two, but we had very different opinions on Thor. You'll hear all about. Seriously folks download this sucker, if anything but for the review of Hobo with a Shotgun and the epic music we played this week.


We heard music from the following films:

Starship Troopers - Basil Poledouris (1997)
13th Warrior - Jerry Goldsmith (1999)
The Hitcher - Mark Isham (1986)
The Vikings - Mario Nascimbene (1958)
Valhalla - Ron Goodwin (1986)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Episode 5 - 2 - 11 (We Got him)

We got him. Such is the theme of the united states this week, and we decided to touch on the topic in this weeks episode. Less than 24 hours after the announcement of Mr. Osama bin whatever-your-name-is's death, we discussed a bit of politics, and special super strike force action teams! You'll see from our musical selections this week, we took things with an air of lightheartedness, of which you are all so accustomed. Enjoy the show.

Wag The Dog - Mark Knopfler (1997)
Commando - James Horner & Powerstation (1985)
Blue Thunder - Arthur Rubinstein (1983)
Enter The Dragon - Lalo Schifrin (1973)
Big Trouble in Little China - John Carpenter (1986)
Delta Force - Alan Silvestri (1986)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Episode 4 - 25 - 11

This week we had a soaked podcast! We canoed up to the studio this week during the week long rainstorm we've been experiencing to bring you reviews and scores to get your week started off right. We hope you enjoy this one, cause we nearly died getting to the studio. You're welcome.

Days of Thunder - Hans Zimmer (1990)
The Big Blue - Eric Serra (1988)
Seaquest DSV - John Debney (1993)
Zombi Holocaust - Nico Fidenco (1980)
The Crow - Grame Revelle (1994)
Beyond The Minds Eye - Jan Hammer (1992)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 4 - 19 - 2011

Director Osamu Dezaki died this week so we paid a small tribute to him with music from Space Adventure Cobra. In this episode we discussed boob casting in Game of Thrones, discussed CGI talking animals in the box office, how to properly punish your children by exposing them to rad culture, and other assorted film minutia. We also had a particularly high level of innuendos this week. Must be something in the water.

Space Adventure Cobra - Yuji Ono (1985)
Batman - Danny Elfman & Prince (1989)
Ravenous - Michael Nyman & Damon Albarn (1999)
Cobra - Sylvester Levay & Miami Sound Machine (1989)
Hundra - Ennio Morricone (1983)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Episode 4 - 11 - 11 (Goodbye Sidney Lumet)

This week we lost a cinema legend, Sidney Lumet. In this episode we discussed some of his works, played a little of his music and sent him out properly. We also reviewed the film Hanna, talked about float trips, and used way more innuendos that we probably should have. Hopefully your kids don't ask too many questions. They've probably heard worse at school anyway. We heard music from the following films:

Murder on the Orient Express - Richard Bennett (1974)
Pee Wee's Big Adventure - Danny Elfman (1985)
Serpico - Mikis Theodorakis (1973)
Deliverance - Eric Weissberg (1972)
Dead Man - Neil Young (1995)
Arthur - Burt Bacharach (1981)
The Wiz - Charlie Smalls (1978)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode 4 - 4 - 11

This week we reviewed "Source Code", discussed some of the ridiculous news going around in Hollywood (Governators, "whitening" of foreign films, Indian call centers, and other goodies), and somewhere in the course of this run-on sentence we got on a musical kick about post-apocalyptic movies. Lot of laughs to be had in this one, I assure you.

We heard music from the following:

Akria - Shoji Yamashiro (1988)
Cherry 2000 - Basil Poledouris (1987)
Rock and Rule - Various (1983)
Wall-E - Thomas Newman (2008)
Miracle Mile - Tangerine Dream (1988)
Radioactive Dreams - Various (1985)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Brad Fiedel (1991)
Groundhog Day - George Fenton (1993)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Episode 3 - 28 - 11

This week we discussed the passing of Elizabeth Taylor and reviewed several movies. We reviewed Paul, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules, Limitless, Poetry, & Of Gods and Men. We also laughed a lot and had terrible impressions of famous people. Also, we talked about poop. What's new huh?

We heard music from the following films:

Flintstones - David Newman (1994)
Death Becomes Her - Alan Silvestri (1992)
The Explorers - Jerry Goldsmith (1985)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - John Williams (1977)
Emanuelle in Bangkok - Nico Fidenco (1976)
Thief of Hearts - Harold Faltermeyer (1984)
Captain Planet (1990)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoops, forgot about the internet.

Hey gang,

My bad. I forgot that this blog didn't auto update itself, and that I have to come up with witty banter, post links, and format html to put these things up here. My apologies. Gonna be posting back to back podcasts from the last two weeks. If you listened to the live stream, you know what happened. If you didn't...I'm not spoiling it.


Last podcast before the Halloween Special!

Howdy folks,

This week, we reviewed the film Jackass 3D. The poops, farts, nut checks, stunts and general ridiculous activity were covered in academic criticism and praise by your two favorite hosts. We're slowly transitioning into the Halloween Special that will be next week! Can you believe it's time already? We can't. it's going to be awesome.
We also reviewed the crap fest of DVDs coming out this week and discussed the power of film scores in classic memorable films. We hear music from the following:


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Podcast 3 - 14 - 11

This week we've got another rip roaring hilarious podcast that we guarantee you'll enjoy (or your money back!). The Gaffer and I had a tongue twisting time full of movie reviews and snarky comments. As if you'd expect anything less? We reviewed the film The Adjustment Bureau and discussed the normal weekly roundup of Hollywood offerings. Hey, did I mention we have a Facebook Page? You need to like that shit now. Seriously. Do it.

This episode originally aired on 3/14/2011


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A bit of the west...and other stuff.

This week we started off on a sad note, talking about the loss of a local icon Bruce Walker. A true craftsman and a man who refused to stop doing what he loved and really embodied a sort of "how things were" feel. We started the show with some tracks from a classic Ennio Morricone score that I felt set the mood. Also on the western tip, we reviewed the new film Rango, and in short, we really enjoyed it. Tune in for plenty of laughs, at least we were cracking up anyway...and the regular info you come to expect outta us.


Monday, March 7, 2011

83rd Academy Awards recap podcast!

It's that time of year again. Fancy dresses, accolades, bad jokes, awkward speeches, and general predictability from Hollywood. That's not to say that it isn't at least fun to watch. The 83rd Academy Awards were Sunday night and this weeks podcast is a recap of our thoughts on the whole shebang, as well as music from previous oscar winning scores. The Gaffer and I discussed what it takes to win an Academy Award, as well as going back and pointing out examples of how the better movie isn't always the winner. You might be surprised. We hope you enjoy the show, and we apologize for our two week hiatus from the show. We're back in action, so get ready.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blaxploitation Feature Show

Coming to this blog as it's next attraction is a podcast that will put you in traction! From the north to the south, from cost to cost, the Speakerbox is here to give you the most! We're rough and tough and ain't gonna take no stuff. This podcast will put some slide in your glide, some soul in your stroll, a dip in yo hip and some strut in yo butt. So download this thang or will punch you in the gut!

I know the post is a bit late, but we've been out of commission for two weeks. So without further delay, I present to you February's Blaxsploitation Feature Show!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Delayed podcasts, and a death in the biz...

Hey Kids. Somber news this week. John Barry, a phenomenal film composer, recently passed away and we gave tribute on this weeks episode of The Drive-in Speakerbox. Snag the podcast to hear reviews of Rabbit Hole, Blue Valentine, and No Strings Attached, in addition to lots of music from John Barry. RIP holmes.


Monday, January 3, 2011

WORST of 2010 Podcast

It's finally here! Thanks to everyone that tuned in to the live broadcast for nearly 3 hours of hate jazz as The Gaffer and I ripped through our worst films of 2010. We each divided up the years horrid offerings and came up with our 10 worst. We tried not to overlap too much, that way we could properly cover the veritable truckloads of garbage dumped on movie goers this year. From horrible covers of songs about drugs for children to wolves sing/howling to jokes that just won't die...we covered all sorts of visual horrors. We even had a 24 hour pre-game bender of catching up on all the crap we've missed (or avoided rather) so we'd be credible when we launched our hate missiles.

I'll follow up with a more in depth text based post soon....but in the meantime, get you some of that podcast!