Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Episode 10 - 14 - 13

Our second week of October saw a Goblin-themed show: the creepy, synthy, funky sounds of the group that is largely responsible for the ambiance in Dario Argento's most famous films. This is was a really easy show to listen to.

We waxed lyrically about October and why exactly it holds the appeal to us that it does. Mostly we talked about our upcoming or ongoing projects: my capsule reviews of The Howling on this blog, our Multiple Goregasms horror movie screening this week, Halloween Edition Trivia, and Beat Bachs' Halloween Dance Party. The month is ours!

We heard music from:

Patrick, 1978 - Goblin, Brian May
Contamination, 1980 - Goblin
Zombi, 1980 - Goblin
Suspiria, 1977 - Goblin


Episode 10 - 7- 13

October, our favorite month, arrives slick with pumpkiny amnion. Our first October show (of four) kicks off with a John Carpenter theme.

Review - Gravity: Alfonso Cuaron has a pretty good track record, I think. Often his stories can be schmaltzy, but his method of filmmaking usually comes to the fore and lingers far past your initial viewing. Gravity, ostensibly a space-thriller, is actually a meditation on loss and mortality in the form of a close-hewn, visually-striking narrative about simpler events. The metaphor gets a little out of hand in certain points, but by and large the was a thoughtful story with great effects.

We heard music from:

The Thing, 1982 - John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone
In the Mouth of Madness, 1994 - John Carpenter
The Fog, 1980 - John Carpenter


Episode 9 - 30 - 13

With October one spooky day away we bid adieu to one of the least interesting months of the year in preparation for our Halloween month of madness. We have plans for themed radio shows and horror movie screenings every week of this, our favorite time of year. Stay tuned.

Review - Don John:

Reign of Fire, 2002 - Ed Shearmur
Repo, 2010 - Marco Beltrami
Shutter Island, 2010 - Various