Monday, May 26, 2014

Episode 5 - 26 - 14

This week X-Men: Days of Future Past was on the chopping block; the Boom Operator thought it was one of the better installments of this franchise, and the Gaffer thought that was scant praise in itself. I've never felt like these live-action renditions of the classic comic phenom felt as big as they should, and this latest time-spanning epic storyline should've felt big, at the least. I don't wholly like the attempt to fuse the history in the X-Men universe with American geopolitical history from the 60s and 70s, but I guess that might be in keeping with the origins of this comic.

Talk: Upcoming Marvel and DC projects! Edgar Wright breaks up with Ant-Man! Malefecent movie - how will she be characterized?

Then we pitched our ideas for a new era of super-heroes: Ass-Man and Invisible-Farting-Man!

We heard music from the following:

Patton, 1970 - Jerry Goldsmith
Legend, 1985 - Jerry Goldsmith / Tangerine Dream


Monday, May 19, 2014

Episode 5 - 19 - 14

Tonight the Gafferzilla returned briefly to chime in his thoughts on more and more origins prequels no one wanted: Rescue Rangers, Smurfs...a Batman show with no Batman? There aren't enough WTFs.

I (the Gaffer) also caught Slavoj Zizek's The Pervert's Guide to Ideology on Netflix, and can't recommend it enough for those who like (or are amused by) critical theory.

We talked about vampires and Vampire Academy, and why goddamn vampires won't go away, but mostly we talked about Godzilla's triumphant return, which the Boom enjoyed quite a bit.

We heard music from:

Mysterious Island, 1961 - Bernard Hermann
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Harry Gregson-Williams
Various Godzilla films - Various