Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 6 - 13 - 11

Another week old podcast coming at ya! We'll be caught up with the posting before this weeks end rest assured. Maybe you should start tuning in live? The show's a lot more fun that way, and you can call us on air to boot. We discussed Super 8 in this episode as well as fun childhood memories. It's totally worth the download. Get it soon, cause a new episode will be online soon.

We heard music from the following films:

Los Amigos - Danielle Patucchi (1972)
Arthur and the Invisibles - Eric Serra - (2006)
Cowboy Bebop - The Seatbelts (1998)
Gypsy Magic - Vlatko Stefanovski - (1997)
Explorers - Jerry Goldsmith (1986)
Flight of the Navigator - Alan Sylvestri (1986)


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