Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 10 - 10 - 11

Can you feel the ambient horror permeating the sepulchral October air? The Boom Operator and I certainly can: podcasts, parties, and Tavern Trivia are all being primed for the following weeks, and all are going to be immersed in the spooky spirit of the times. We tried to slowly seep into the October horror mien with music from John Carpenter who, his flaws notwithstanding, composes his own eery, electro-minimalist scores. Later I ended up going on a tangent about Jesusween. Goddamn Jesusween is a thing, y'all! Apparently some Christians, who I guess regard Halloween as occultish, Satanic, or otherwise totally awesome, are starting this Halloween alternative where healthy treats and Bibles are handed out instead of candy. I guess they need more reasons for people to laugh at them. Anyway, my favorite part of this show was playing music from the old LucasArts game Grim Fandango, which we both love. Our time-honored Halloween Special will air October 24th, Tavern Trivia is October 12th, and Beat Bachs' Halloween Dance Party is October 28th. This is an exciting time to be alive.

We heard music from the following:
28 Days Later - John Murphy (2002)
Big Trouble in Little China - John Carpenter (1986)
Corpse Bride - Danny Elfman (2005)
Grim Fandango - Peter McConnel (1998)
Magic - Jerry Goldsmith (1978)


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