Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 11 - 7 - 11

The Boom Operator and I must have been hopped up on goofballs for this podcast, because things got weird. We were fresh from our Halloween break and had a bevy of reviews to catch up on. We caught Real Steel, that Hugh Jackman movie that looked like a hybrid of Over the Top and Robot Jox. I can get behind throwaway entertainment when it involves robot punches, but that smug little kid ruined the movie for me. I spent the last hour of the movie wanting the robots to beat that little bastard into liquid with their giant robot fists. We went on to consider the reasonably spooky Paranormal Activity 3, and then the Boom Operator went solo on In Time and Tower Heist. The lackluster film season doesn't look to be stopping soon, so check out future podcasts for ample vitriol.

Die Hard - Michael Kamen (1988)
Escape from NY - John Carpenter (1981)
Ferris Bueller's Day off - Various (1986)
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure - "In Time" (1989)


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