Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Special 2011

Ho Ho Howdy folks!
The Gaffer and I love to bring you some of our favorite holiday traditions and memories each year in a two hour special filled with laughs, joy and rage. This year is no different as we discussed favorite films, things we remember as kids, and things that piss us off royal at Christmas. We also prepped you guys for a very successful Holiday edition of Tavern Trivia that took place the other day. We hope that you guys have a wonderful holiday, and we'll see you soon with a full report of the worst movies of 2011!

We heard music from the following films:
Home Alone - John Williams (1990)
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Various (1989)
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Perry Botkin (1984)
Lethal Weapon - Micheal Kamen (1987)
Ernest Saves Christmas - Mark Snow (1988)
Seasame Street - All I Want for Christmas


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