Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Episode 6 - 4 - 12

We return after a brief vacation in which the Boom Operator sojourned to America's weenie (fine, fine...Florida) ready to bring in da noise/funk, report on films we had seen, and kick off Season 3 of Tavern Trivia. Last week I caught Piranha 3DD, which, unlike its predecessor, was a pile of shit. Well, I'll elaborate: Piranha 3D was B-movie fun, a delectable pile of garbage with just the right amount of boobage and gore. Piranha 3DD doesn't even try: a fat-guy jumps on a pile of puke; a piranha swims up some girl's woo (because apparently she didn't notice) and then bites her lover's weenie, which he proceeds to slice off; a guy decapitates himself on plastic rope, his head lands betwixt a pair of silicone sweater-puppies and he is motor-boated posthumously. There's an art to trash, and just giggling with your friends about tits and splatter is bad, not because it's low-brow, but because it's lazy. The Boom Operator saw Men in Black III and offered shrugs.

We heard music from the following:

Men in Black III, 2012 - Danny Elfman
"Fraggle Rock", 1983-1987 - Various
Batman, 1989 - Danny Elfman
Back to the Future, 1985 - Alan Silvestri
Legend, 1985 - Tangerine Dream
Jaws 3D, 1983 - Alan Parker


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