Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Episode 7 - 9 - 12

We've got a lot of deaths to catch up on: last week gender essentialist and shitty filmmaker Nora Ephron bit the dust, and this week mighty Ernest Borgnine, star of such films as Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders and Marty, ate his final double cheeseburger. We took the chance to reminisce on their adequate, forgettable, occasionally regrettable careers, before moving on to review this week's fare.

We both liked The Amazing Spider-Man, with severe caveats. It was almost like two films smashed together, one pretty decent, one lousy. The film certainly suffered under Raimi's shadow, and tried to emulate those films to its detriment. When the movie relied on its own ingenuous casting and high school angst, the results were better than expected. I was surprised and disappointed in equal measure. The other film reviewed (for some reason), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, was silly and boring and involved horse-surfing. Like you do.

We heard music from:

The Return of the King, 1980 - Glenn Yarbrough
Escape from New York, 1981 - John Carpenter, Alan Howarth
"Airwolf", 1984-87 - Sylvester Levay
Gattaca, 1997 - Michael Nyman


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