Saturday, October 20, 2012

Episode 10 - 15 - 12

October is halfway over already. I am very sad, not having devoted enough time to my horror interests this month, but I still have a fortnight to rectify! A friend and I have been plumbing the depths of the Hellraiser franchise this 'ween season, and that has sufficed somewhat. Pinhead is becoming one of my favorite horror villain mainstays. Where Jason is a no nonsense, laborious murderer and Freddy is a showman, Pinhead is this hilariously pompous, pontificating windbag who speaks only in mordant one-liners. Incidentally, my favorite line of his is "Such exquisite stench!"

Anyway, we kinda got into the holiday spirit with this week's film, Sinister. Seeing previews, I convinced myself that this looked a little spooky. I suppose some parts were, and I thought the film had a gimmick and mythology that would serve it well, but the scares weren't always consistent and it dragged out way, way too long. A few bizarre moments that played for slower, more disturbing chills were a nice surprise, but they couldn't, ultimately, compete with that running time. It was good for a few jumps, though, if that's what ails you in these holiday times.

Oh, and the Boom Operator saw Taken 2 and said it sucked Pinhead's pierced weenis.

We heard music from:

Dellamorte Dellamore, 1994 - Manuel De Sica, Riccardo Biseo
The Virgin Suicides, 1999 - Air
Flesh for Frankenstein, 1973 - Claudio Gizzi
The Big Blue, 1988 - Eric Serra


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