Monday, February 4, 2013

Episode 1 - 28 -13

After a week locked-out of the studio, we came back with guns blazon', loaded with five film reviews and a fifth season of Tavern Trivia. On tap were reviews of John Dies at the EndTexas Chainsaw 3-DA Haunted HouseBroken City and The Last Stand. So, we were busy. We talked about postmodern culture, nostalgia, and the iron titans of the 80s who we cannot let retire. It was a whiz bang of a show, and we think you'll enjoy the look backward, the look forward, and the cross eyed look we give the present.

Musical Selections:
Cobra, 1986 - Sylvester Levay
Jaws 3-D, 1983 - Alan Parker
Red Heat, 1988 - James Horner


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