Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Episode 4 - 1 - 11

When I was in high school, people who love to piss me off because they thought I was disarmingly funny when I was at my angriest. Dance, monkey, dance! Sometimes I think the Universe itself plays the troll to the Boom and I, as tonight's show was pretty damn funny precisely for that reason. Not that rage and mordancy aren't usually up our bag of tricks, but fresh, energized anger doesn't always take hold the way it did tonight. That energy kept us bouncing around from silly topic to topic: I remember us debating on whether it would be cool or not to be immortal. With my luck, 5 minutes after achieving immortality I'd get buried in an earthquake and spend millennia under the dirt waiting for the sun to go nova so I could float somewhere else, being totally catatonic and/or insane at that point. What? Anyway, our only capsule review was on the important and worthwhile G.I. Joe: Retaliation, or the moment in Jonathan Pryce's film career where he actually uttered the phrase, "Get me Storm Shadow!" I wonder what the moments after that scene were like, Pryce weeping into his hands, awash with self-disgust and the memories of Brazil. Sad shit. Anyway, we had a good time trashing a film that was already in the garbage, particularly its hilarious understanding of nuclear weapons and geo-politics, even for a movie based on toy ninjas and snake terrorists.

Oh, and during a moment of bored depravity I watched A Serbian Film and laughed through much of it, either because I'm desensitized and sick or because the movie was, at heart, real goddamn silly. You decide.

Lined up for next week are discussions of the Evil Dead remake and the 3D-icized, unnecessary Jurassic Park release.

We heard music from:
Near Dark, 1984 - Tangerine Dream
Shallow Grave, 1994 - Simon Boswell


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