Monday, August 12, 2013

Episode 8 - 12 - 13

On tonight's show we gabbed about the state of the drive-in, the bizarre beast that is the modern blockbuster, the Poltergeist remake, Steve Jobs' horrible biopic

We both caught Neill Blomkamp's Elysium this week, a violently-unsubtle violent social parable delivered via science fiction which should come as no surprise after the likes of District 9. It's strange, personally, that I'm not a bigger fan of both the director and his films, since I wholeheartedly approve of socially-conscious SF, but I feel like Blomkamp's message is getting lost in the medium instead of vice versa. It's hard to properly balance the two, and Elysium definitely devolves due to its lack of internal logic, ultimately just becoming a Schwarzenegger action film of yesteryear, though an admittedly fun one. But don't piss an adenoidal action movie in my mashed potatoes and call it socially-significant gravy.

We heard music from:

Desperado, 1995 - Tito & the Tarantulas
Elysium, 2013 - Ryan Amon


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