Monday, March 24, 2014

Episode 3 - 24 - 14

(Original broadcast 3 - 24 - 14)
"That guy!" character actor James Rebhorn passed away this week past, a memorable character actor who always seemed to play some bureaucratic, officious toolbag . It must be interesting to be a ubiquitous character actor that everyone recognizes and yet no one knows from where - to achieve fame but no one knows your name...sound kinda existential, ne?

A lot of weird, macabre shit in the hews this week: Ivan Reitman abandons Ghostbusters III, a project whose death should've preceded Harold Ramis's by a mile. Naturally, Sony is moving forward with this nightmare, because money. And speaking of ghosts, a digitally reanimated Paul Walker will appear to finish his scenes in FF7, raising a slew of upsetting questions about post-death image usage rights. Yegh.

B.O. reviewed Knights of Badassdom and I reviewed nothing, because what is in theaters right now - Tyler Perry and YA fanfic. Nope!

We heard music from:

Mad Max, 1979 - Brian May
The LEGO Movie, 2013 - Mark Mothersbaugh
Vampire Academy, 2014 - Various


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