Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Episode 11 - 12 - 12

On tonight's show we discussed the damned-if-we-ain't-gonna-build-a-franchise latest installment of the Daniel Craig reBondboot Skyfall. I didn't really care for it. This whole new franchise has somehow consistently created high expectations without actually ever producing a reason for high expectations. This is new Bond franchise has prided itself on "realism" and a distancing from the hokum of Connerys and Brosnans past, but has not produced a truly engaging entry and now, as of Skyfall, is fully engaged in building another franchise that will inevitably eat itself through schlock and self-reference. And! As if that weren't enough, Skyfall is itself attempting to be a metaphor on the relevance of Bond the agent and, by extension, Bond the franchise in the Information Age. How convenient that the film's answer is: "Yep! He's still relevant! Old-dog...heh heh, you know the saying!" I'm not sure I agree based on the circular nature of this iconography. Thbbbt.

We heard music from the following:

Patton, 1970 - Jerry Goldsmith
Commando, 1985 - James Horner/Various
Skyfall, 2012 - Thomas Newman
Dr. No, 1961 - Monty Norman


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