Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Episode 11 - 26 - 12

Having seen the aforementioned Red Dawn remake, I still have no idea how they made the North Korean invasion plausible, and neither did the movie! So, everyone is in a recession and "they" have some kind of electronic super-weapon? Hrm, ok. But then they invade...Spokane...and nobody stops them. But then they explain...something, and lo, the Russians are helping them, at least like six of them. But the movie itself? Ehhhhthbbbt. A useless enough action film with amusingly bad CG replacing PLA paraphernalia with *snicker* North Korean flags and Korean text. We had a good time talking about all the cultural underpinnings, though, so good?

DVD release highlights:
MIB 3, Paranorman, Berserk - Arc 1

In theaters nation wide this weekend:
Killing Them Softly

We heard music from:

1990: The Bronx Warriors, 1982 - Walter Rizzati
Mission to Mars, 2000 - Ennio Morricone
Black Hole, 1979 - John Barry
First Blood, 1982 - Jerry Goldsmith


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